TangleSea ISCP Beta Week

What an ISCP beta launch for IOTA!!!! Looking back on the week, we gave you some sneak peeks into the current development stage of our DEX. We launched our own TangleSea-Chain on the ISCP Beta, we deployed our first Smart Contracts on our chain, and we gave a couple of impressions about our current DEX UX/UI and functionalities.

But the most exciting thing for us this week was the enormes wave of support, feedback and enthusiasm we received from all of you! You really rock!

What’s next?

In addition to finalizing the basic functionalities, we will focus on the following topics in the next coming weeks and months:

  • Optimizing the TangleSea Chain
  • Refining of TangleSea UX/UI
  • Modeling our Token Economics
  • Defining Governance Structure
  • Shaping Marketing and Business Development Strategy

Even though we are eager to already show you more of our DEX , we want to wait until we have all the building blocks available and are fully satisfied with our basic version, before inviting some of you for our first beta testing. The beta testing of TangleSea will be restricted to a certain number of participants. We will share more information about this when the time is right.

In the meantime, we welcome all of you to join our TangleSea Community on our discord.

Stay tuned and Happy Halloween 🎃



The first DEX on the IOTA Network

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