Introduction of TangleSea (Former Name: TangleSwap.Finance)

Vision of TangleSea

Developing a decentralized exchange (DEX) on the IOTA Network (Tangle) focused on offering a premier trading experience. Users are incentivized to pool liquidity on TangleSea through yield farming to earn LP/IOTA/Reward token.

Our vision is to provide a fully decentralised Automated Market Maker Service without transaction costs and low fees.

Built by Tanglers, for Tanglers — we have a dedicated team with more than 50 years of combined professional experience who love IOTA and are committed to its community.

What’s next?

We are working with full engagement on the platform and want to keep you up to date as best as possible. Therefore, we are planning to build our communication roadmap on three pillars:

  • Community

How do we build and engage with the community?

  • Technology

What are our main milestones on the way to TangleSea V1.0?

  • Collaboration

With whom do we work together?

All three areas are equally important to us and we will keep you informed about each one of them. We know there is a lot of interest in hearing details already now, but we want to share the right information at the right time.

This is an extremely exciting journey for all of us and we are fully committed, energized and passionate to build a high quality, secure and fun application.

How do I get involved?

Since we want to create TangleSwap together with the community, we are happy to connect with you via our social media channels.

Stay tuned!!

Next we will share more about the team behind and the adventurous story of the Deep Tangle Sea will begin ❤🌊



The first DEX on the IOTA Network

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