Announcement of New Name

As most of you have probably seen, recently a second team with the name TangleSwap came to light and raised some confusion in the community!

Because we are long-term community members, we immediately knew that drama had to be avoided at all costs and a quick, pragmatic solution had to be found.

It is purely thanks to Mr.Tangle‘s nine brains and three hearts that we came to a solution that also enabled us to achieve a huge innovation boost and not get into arguments about insignificant things!

We will choose a new name and keep the positive atmosphere while building the adventures world of the Deep Tangle Sea together with the community!

It didn’t take us long to find this great title that not only fits our goals, but also gives us more room for a wider development of our long-term project sphere.

So it’s our great pleasure to announce our new name: TangleSea 🌊🐙

We hope you like it and wish you fun spotting the different changes we did on our socials 🔥

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The first DEX on the IOTA Network

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